United States Semiconductor Corporation (US-Semi), a Delaware corporation, whose principal offices are located in Independence, Missouri, was founded in 1998 to develop and commercialize emerging technologies originated in national laboratories, universities and the private sector. We are pioneering work in many next generation technologies. These technologies have unlimited dynamic aerospace, military and civilian applications.

US-Semi is positioned to take emerging technologies through all phases of research, development and commercialization.

QF Sensor
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Joint Technology Agreement

United States Semiconductor has entered into a joint Technology Development and Commercialization Agreement with NxGen Electronics, Inc. Visit nxgenelectronics.com (or click box below) to view the complete description of NxGen's operations and activities!

New Technologies

Compact Nuclear Battery

US-Semi is pioneering the development of compact nuclear battery technology for high energy density, long-life power sources. These power sources have significant military and non-military applications for example, deep-space exploration and satellite longevity. Coupling the energy of a radiation event to the scale of the micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) device provides very efficient power generation.

Quantum Fingerprint Sensor

US-Semi's innovative sensor technology (QF) for the detection of Chemical/Biological agents addresses the critical needs of protecting both civilian and military assets. It measures the quantum interactions at the surface based on the density of the trapping centers.

Radiation Hard Electronics

United States Semiconductor Corporation (US-Semi) possesses a unique radiation hardening (rad hard) manufacturing process that can be applied to any conventional CMOS circuit to produce enhanced circuits for use in both military and civilian satellites and other wireless communication applications.

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