About the Company

United States Semiconductor Corporation, a Delaware corporation whose principal offices are located in Independence, Missouri, was founded in 1998 to develop and commercialize semiconductor and emerging technologies originated in national laboratories and universities. We hold an exclusive license from the University of Missouri-Columbia, for Compact Nuclear Battery Technology and for Quantum Fingerprint Chemical/Biological Sensor Technology. We hold a single event protection process, which the company has trademarked as RHI-NO™.

US-Semi has expanded its range of interest and support to a wide variety of research and development initiatives, which have dynamic aerospace, military and civilian applications. US-Semi is positioned to take emerging technologies through all phases of the research, development and commercialization process.

US-Semi has a unique working relationship with the Nuclear Science and Engineering Institute at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Extensive research has already been conducted at the laboratory level on targeted technologies. There are white papers available on a number of these projects on an NDA basis.

The company has a strategic partnership with NxGen Electronics, Inc. in San Diego to maximize its ability to bring proven commercial application through prototype, scalability, and manufacturing to a profitable basis. US-Semi has teamed with NxGen to identify companion solutions to the challenges associated with its processes under development.

David M. Salva, Ph.D., President and CEO of US-Semi and a board member of NxGen Electronics, Inc. oversees a unique Advisory Board to guide company directors and management through the challenges associated with bringing these and other technologies to market.

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