NxGen Electronics, Inc.

NxGEN Electronics is a microelectronics design, contract manufacturing, packaging, and custom assembly company dedicated to supplying prototypes to finished microelectronic products, advanced packaging technologies, and high density electronic assembly services to a wide range of industrial, medical, military, and satellite customers. The business focus is aimed at applications within these industries where size, weight, power consumption, and cost of packaged electronics are to be reduced to the minimum. NxGEN's management has over 100 years of experience in the electronics industry. NxGEN and its affiliated companies represent significant leading edge industry expertise in chip design, package design and assembly, PCB design and assembly, testing, space effects, system engineering, and program management.

Nuclear Science & Engineering Institute (NSEI) University of Missouri - Columbia

A major goal of the NSEI is to contribute well-trained, qualified graduates to meet the United States' workforce needs for persons with expertise in nuclear sciences and engineering. Our Institute provides an organizational structure for coordinating and facilitating multidisciplinary research and educational programs for faculty and students at MU, including Nuclear Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Radiology, Archaeology, Biochemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and many other disciplines. As the lead member of the Midwest Nuclear Science and Engineering Consortium, NSEI supports the development of innovative educational and research opportunities for faculty and students at our partner institutions, and serves as a local, regional and national resource for academic, governmental and corporate organizations.

Space Micro Inc.

High tech firm with a special focus on space and military applications. Founded in 2002, Space Micro Inc. is a privately held, employee-owned company, with headquarters in San Diego, California. It is a pioneer in providing radiation hardened by design solutions for advanced electronic systems and microelectronics. Space Micro is completing research in design solutions for single event effects (SEE) in microelectronics, plus methods for improving single event effects performance of high performance space computers, for several companies and government agencies. Clients include NASA, Missile Defense Agency (MDA), and the Air Force (AFRL). Space Micro Inc.ís emphasis is on microelectronics, sensors, computers and MEMS. Our management team includes two of the founders of Space Electronics Inc., an industry leader in satellite microelectronics.

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